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freenet AG

  • ISIN DE000A0Z2ZZ5
  • Country Deutschland

Company profile

As digital lifestyle provider, the freenet Group is the largest network-independent supplier of mobile communications services in Germany. In addition, the Group is increasingly establishing itself in the digital lifestyle field as a supplier of internet-based applications for private customers.

The freenet Group offers its customers in Germany an extensive portfolio of services and products from the mobile voice and data services segment. It markets the services of the mobile communications network providers Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone and Telefónica Deutschland under its own name and for its own account through numerous sales channels and various brands. In addition to its own network-independent services and tariffs, the freenet Group also markets the original tariffs of German mobile communications network operators under its own name.

In addition, the company also supplies innovative digital applications relating to home automation and home security, health, data security, entertainment and infotainment – including the latest smartphones, tablets, notebooks and attractive accessories. With Gravis-Computervertriebsgesellschaft mbH (‘GRAVIS’), one of the largest independent authorised Apple dealers in Germany, the Group occupies an outstanding market position in this area as well.

In the first quarter of 2016, freenet AG succeeded in breaking into digital TV business with two fundamental acquisitions/investments (Media Broadcast Gruppe / EXARING AG). With Media Broadcast, freenet AG has laid the foundation for marketing, in the course of this financial year, TV to private customers in excellent image quality with its considerable retail expertise. With the EXARING investment, freenet also addresses the rapidly expanding market of streaming and video-on-demand services in Germany.

In the company’s view, the key factors for its commercial success are customer development, monthly revenue per user in the Mobile Communications business and the development of digital lifestyle activities in the three strategic business areas Fitness/Wearables, Entertainment and SmartHome.

Customer proximity across all sales channels is indispensable for the success of the company’s distinct competitive position as a digital lifestyle provider. With around 550* shops operated under the main brand mobilcom-debitel and 43* stores under the premium brand GRAVIS, plus a multiplicity of further distribution outlets for mobile communications in the specialised retail sector — including around 400 large electronic goods stores in Media-Saturn Deutschland GmbH exclusively for the T-Mobile and Vodafone networks — the freenet Group has a blanket presence in the stationary retail sector in Germany. At the same time, several sales brands of its own are being used successfully through a diversity of online sales channels. All in all, 4,155* employees in the freenet Group are working continuously on improving sales and service expertise.

Marketing activities essentially focus on end customer business with private customers in Germany, an area which is split up into three customer sectors. The contract customers who are acquired predominantly via stationary sales outlets and the no-frills customers generated almost exclusively via online channels jointly comprise the non-financial performance indicator known as customer ownership, which is used as an internal control parameter. There are also a relevant number of prepaid customers.